Relaxation, Adventure, Outdoor Sports for Individuals, Societies and Clubs

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At the weekends and during the holidays the centres of the Centre for School and Outdoor Education are available for cultural and sports societies, institutions, families and individuals.

Centres are  a great starting-point for exploring Slovenia. In the vicinity of centres there are many cycling and walking trails and interesting things and places for you to see. 

Peaceful environment and multi-purpose premises in centres are suitable for seminars, workshops, conferences, choir practice and various social meetings.

CŠOD centres and their surroundings offer many possibilities for conditional preparations, trainings, recreation or time off.

Centres dispose of sports facilities (bycicles, cross-country skis) that everybody can borrow. 

Groups can choose also guided programmes offered by individual centres, like bobbin-work course in the centre in Vojsko, Nordic walking in the centre in Kranjska Gora, guided exploring of Bela Krajina (White Carniola) in the “Lipa” centre, riding weekend in the “Škorpijon” centre, ‘For health from nature’ in the “Medved” centre, ‘Orientation weekend’ in the “Planinka” centre, ‘Healing plants’ in the “Gorenje” centre ...

Locations of the centres

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