Residential centresCŠOD OE Vojsko

CŠOD OE Vojsko

Vojsko 21, 5280 Idrija
Meta Vončina Gnezda
08 205 30 90
031 607 584

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In the land of Idrija’s “žlikrofi” and lace


Vojsko is the highest village in the Primorska region. The Vojsko plateau prides itself upon the intact nature and preserved pastures where numerous medicinal herbs still grow (arnica, thyme, woundwort, astra montana ...) and protected plants (mountain lilies, globe-flowers, edelweisses, wild orchids). When the weather is fine the view extends over the vast Trnovo forest and on the other side to the pre-Alpine and Alpine area with Mt. Triglav in the front. Those who like cross-country skiing know Vojsko for its 12 km long cross-country tracks. The “Vojsko” centre is situated in the centre of the village, on the slope of the školj hill with its ski slope. There are numerous natural and cultural sights, among them the Gačnik waterfalls, the Hudournik view point, the Partisan printing works Slovenija and the Partisan burial place on Mt. Vojščica. The centre visitors can take part in many naturalistic and sports activities offered by nature, they learn how to make real Idrija “žlikrofi” (a culinary specialty from Idrija), get to know the Idrija lace and learn how to make a lace braid.










61 beds


small gym

64 seats in dining room





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