Residential centresCŠOD OE Cerkno

CŠOD OE Cerkno

Bevkova ulica 22, 5282 Cerkno
Domen Uršič
08 205 62 17
031 755 572

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Program: Iščem se v gibu, besedi in sliki
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Centre for School and Outdoor Education (CŠOD) Cerkno is located close to the confluence of Cerknica and Zapoška River in the heart of a small town called Cerkno. Seen from above, it is situated in a narrow valley, surrounded by vast forests, sunny plateaus and scenic mountain peaks which offer magnificent views.

Unique landscape, ancient memories, primeval and unspoiled nature, historical and cultural monuments, beautiful sites, diverse cuisine and friendly people – these are the words that best describe the region of “Cerkljanska”.

In winter, the traditional “Laufarija” Carnival deserves your attention as well as the modern Ski Center Cerkno does for skiers. In summer, it is definitely worth to visit the archaeological site of “Divje babe” in the area, where the oldest musical instrument in the world, Neanderthal flute, was found. The season is perfect for taking a tour of the world famous “Franja” Partisan Hospital that once operated hidden in a narrow gorge not far away from the town.


62 beds
2 classrooms
66 seats in dining room

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