Residential centresCŠOD OE Trilobit

CŠOD OE Trilobit

Javorniški Rovt 25, 4270 Jesenice
Tomaž Petek (vodja)
04 580 67 56
031 607 583 (vodja doma)

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We will find fossils here for sure


The “Trilobit” centre is situated on the slope of Karavanke mountain chain, on the bank of a small artificial lake, next to the old Javorniški Rovt hydroelectric station. It is surrounded by forests and mountain pastures from three sides.

The entire Karavanke slopes above Jesenice are rich with fossils. In the centre’s neighbourhood trilobite fossils were found, sea animals that became extinct 600 million years ago. Iron ore and manganite ore mining marked the mountain region. Many activities in the “Trilobit” centre are thus connected with geology and ironwork. There are also a geological-paleontological workshop and a permanent exhibition of rocks and fossils of the Karavanke. We enjoy hiking among the daffodils, looking for fossils and iron ore, making a trip in the mine gallery and walking around Pristava and a botanical garden of Karl Zois.








58 beds


small gym

32 seats in dining room






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