Residential centresCŠOD OE Škorpijon

CŠOD OE Škorpijon

Veliki Boč 31a, 2353 Sv. Duh na Ostrem Vrhu
Mirjana Jesenek Mori
02 656 58 31
031 607 581

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In the company of Icelandic horses


A herd of Icelandic horses is the most interesting curiosity of the “škorpijon” centre. They are suitable to be ridden by children because of their height and gentle character as they do not kick and bite. Who cannot be thrilled about them.

In the centre’s yard there is a big model of our solar system with planets, a gnome’s herb garden, a hotel for insects, a vegetable garden and many interesting things that adorn “škorpijon’s” neighbourhood. The big winter curiosity is a “pležuh”, a unique winter one-ski vehicle that children use for descending a snowy hill.

From Kozjak where the centre is situated there are beautiful views to the east part of Slovenia and to the Austrian Styria, the Graz basin and two thousand metres high peaks of the Koralps as the centre is situated directly by the Austrian border.







58 beds

2 classroom

60 seats in dining room









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