Residential centresCŠOD OE Radenci

CŠOD OE Radenci

Gor. Radenci 1a, 8342 Stari trg ob Kolpi
Nina Pezdirc
01 894 38 20
031 684 805

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A centre by the Kolpa river

The village Radenci is situated directly by the Kolpa river, among meadows, fields and forests. We use the nearby Kolpa for a kayak and canoe trip, exploring the river life and for swimming in the summer.

The rich cultural-historical past of the White Carniola (Bela krajina) offers many interesting contents: Bela krajina national costume, music and habits. We find out when Green George (Zeleni Jurij) comes to the country, how White Carniola coloured Easter eggs are made, what are the typical White Carniola dances, what White Carniola flat cake looks like etc. We find out what the role of pools used to be and why the mills stopped working and we visit the village church with a “preslica” bell tower.




68 beds

2 classrooms

62 seats in dining room




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