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Livške Ravne 9, 5222 Kobarid
Peter Janušič
05 384 40 20
031 607 574

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Program: Angleščina, raft, preživetje v naravi
Program: Počitnice v Soški dolini - rafting
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Higher than Heaven is only the Kavka centre

The centre is situated a little further from the hamlet Nebesa (Slovene name for Heaven) above Kobarid. The view on the Venetian Slovenia and Julian Alps has no limits – Mt. Kanin and Mt. Krn with their precipices, the wreath of Alpine mountains that are so close you could reach them with your hand. It is hard to believe that people fought hard battles on these peaks during the World War I. The war marked these parts. There is a museum in the open on Mt. Kolovrat where you can visit caverns, hiding places and fox-holes of the World War I.

The Karst region reaches these parts of Slovenia and there are a karst cave with stalactites, numerous abysses and sink-holes. The vicinity of the centre is a real green pharmacy because 30 medicinal herbs grow there on a small area. Maybe this is why mighty stags graze on the meadows.




59 beds

2 classrooms

50 seats in dining room


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