Residential centresCŠOD OE Jurček

CŠOD OE Jurček

Cesta na stadion 5, 1330 Kočevje
Tilen Bižal
01 893 10 30
031 607 573

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Surrounded by vast Kočevje forests


The Kočevje region is one of the most preserved natural parts of Slovenia. The virgin forest, visited by experts from all over Europe, thrills us over and over again, the Rudnik lake with extremely rich bird population and a learning trail. The Rinža river, which we can explore by boat enables us to see it from the spring to the sinks, to study water ecosystems and karst phenomena. In these parts there are numerous karst caves with natural bridges or covered in ice throughout the whole year and there are other karst phenomena. We still have bears, wolves, lynxes and stags living here and proteuses in the karst caves.







72 beds

32 seats in classroom,

68 seats in dinning room

30 places in playroom






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