Residential centresCŠOD OE Gorenje

CŠOD OE Gorenje

Gorenje pri Zrečah 19, 3214 Zreče
Emil Mumel
03 576 13 33, faks 08 20
031 607 572

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Program: Mednarodna izmenjava v Romuniji, Coaching for youth - Vodenje mladih
Program: Mednarodna izmenjava v Romuniji, Find yourself - Najdi sebe
Program: Mednarodna izmenjava v Romuniji, Recycle for your life - Obnovi svoj jaz
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In a little Pohorje village of kind people


From the village Gorenje on the Zreško Pohorje the view reaches from Maribor to Celje. The ski resort Rogla in its vicinity gives the guests of the centre many possibilities for winter programmes. Nature offers many possibilities for hiking, cycling, herb studying and much more. We certainly have to mention the pearls of Pohorje – a highland moor with the Lovrenc lakes. There are also some ethnological characteristics like the Skomar house, the Ošlak blacksmith’s workshop, memorial collection of Jurij Vodovnik, the “Zajklošter” monastery of Carthusian monks in Žiče ... Most of these places can be reached on foot or by bike.







71 beds

2 classrooms

60 seats in dining room








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