Residential centresCŠOD OE Čebelica

CŠOD OE Čebelica

Dolenja vas pri Čatežu 19, 8212 Velika Loka
Damjan Volkar
07 348 90 12
031 607 570

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Program: Angleščini naproti
Program: Čateške dogodivščine
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Among the hills of the Dolenjska (Lower Carniola) region


The hilly Dolenjska region enables an integral experience of nature. Slovene writer Fran Levstik described the variegation of this region in his literary work “A journey from Litija to Čatež”. Čatež above Trebnje and the neighbouring villages are situated on a wonderful slope covered in forests, meadows and small vineyards with vineyard cottages.   

In the “Čebelica” centre outdoor school programmes and other programmes take place including visiting the forest trail Zaplaške stezice, active holidays and camps. Programme participants gain knowledge that bases on an empiric approach of study, discovering, researching and experiencing with all senses and through the games. Everybody can study bees and beekeeping and make their own beehive endings.







56 beds

2 classrooms

50 seats in dining room





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