Residential centresCŠOD OE Bohinj

CŠOD OE Bohinj

Ribčev Laz 63, 4265 Bohinjsko Jezero
Erika Melihen (vodja OE), Tina Hodnik (receptorka)
04 572 41 41 (recepcija)
031 607 567 (vodja OE)

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By the most beautiful lake in Slovenia

In the centre of the Triglav national park we study the history of Bohinj as well as the ecological problems of today. The nature is very generous around here. The crystal clear lake invites us to canoes, mountains invite us to hiking tours and orientation expeditions, rocks to climbing and Vogel ski resort to skiing. We go to the seven Triglav lakes, to the mysterious Mostnice gorge or we cycle along the lake and visit nice little villages where we search for the remains of ironwork industry and Alpine dairying.




85 beds

3 classrooms

1 conference room

88 seats in dining room



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