EOE 2018 Conference - The Mediation of Experiences by Technology in the Outdoors

EOE 2018 Conference - The Mediation of Experiences by Technology in the Outdoors

EOE 2018 Conference Announcement and Call for Papers

The Mediation of Experiences by Technology in the Outdoors
Opening or Losing Connections with the World

CŠOD Slovenia

in partnership with the

European Institute for Outdoor Adventure Education
and Experiential Learning (EOE

19th- 23rd September 2018
CŠOD Bohinj, Ribčev Laz 63, 4265 Bohinjsko Jezero, Slovenia


This conference will bring together practitioners and academics from around Europe, interested in outdoor and experiential education linked to formal education and non-formal youth work. It is addressed to school teachers, university staff and social youth workers from various fields of practise.

Different types of technique and technology such as classical technology (canoes, rucksacks, bicycles, ropes, …), digital technology (head cameras, GPS, smartphones, cameras, heart rate gauge, field microscope, tablets, …), aesthetic technology (brush, colours, paper, photo cameras, …) influence or mediate outdoor activities. Consequently, there are some losses and gains in the perception of the world.

The theme is based on the generally accepted opinion that technology mediates our everyday life, relationship between self, others and nature, way of learning and outdoor activities. The conference will examine different ways and purposes of approaching and using technology in the outdoors. It will also try to build up networks of practical cooperation and knowledge transfer.

The conference will be organized around three main topics:
1. Changes of technology and experiences since 1980 in various natural spaces such as woods, rivers, mountains, sea …
2. Uses and consequences of digital equipment in the outdoors
3. Uses and consequences of technology in the aesthetic approaches to the outdoors

Details for Presenters
All presentations should relate to one or more of the conference themes.
Oral presentations
A 20-minute presentation of ideas, theory, research or practice, with 10 minutes for questions & answers. Audio/visual PC with MS Power point 2010 as standard.
Practitioner workshop
A 45 or 90 minutes active, practical workshop – please specify indoors or outdoors.
Poster presentations
A1 size – poster should be presented in person as scheduled with 3 – 5 min oral presentation

Call for Workshops and Papers
We are currently inviting proposals for lecture/workshop presentations. If you wish to offer a workshop or presentation, please complete and return the proposal with an abstract between 250 and 300 words by 1st May 2018, ensuring that your proposal is relevant to the theme of the conference - APPLICATION FORM. You will be notified as soon as possible after this date whether your proposal has been accepted for the conference.  

Please sign up for the conference and submit your abstract by completing the proposal form available on the Conference Page - APPLICATION FORM. You can address your question to the conveners at EOE2018@csod.si

Peer reviewed abstracts will be published in a book of abstracts.

The conference fee is 145.00 €. The fee will cover organisational and program costs. The fee for one-day participation is 40 €.

Support is being sought from the European Union. If successful a limited number of subsidised places will be available for partner organisations that have been identified through the European Institute. The funding will provide support towards fees, part of the travel costs, student hostel accommodation in shared rooms and meals.

You can use accommodation (until the occupation of capacities) in CŠOD Bohinj in three or four bedded rooms, contact: rezervacije@csod.si, +386 (0)1 2348 632, +386 (0)1 2348 627.

There are several places for accommodation in Bohinj area available in the near surroundings. We can organise your stay in other places too.

About CŠOD
CŠOD is governmental institution which carries out out-of-school classes and other outdoor programs. It is the most significant organisation that carries out outdoor education in Slovenia. It is a part of the Ministry of Education that provides the funding for its functioning. CŠOD currently comprises 24 residential centres and several day programs that are scattered throughout Slovenia. The facilities of CŠOD are used by pre-primary, primary and secondary schools. They are also used by faculties and other organized groups especially during weekends and holidays. The main purpose of the CŠOD is to educate in the outdoors using specific methods, by which objectives stated in the school curricula can be met.
The website is www.csod.si .

About EOE
Founded in 1996, the European Institute for Outdoor Adventure Education and Experiential Learning is a non-governmental body with around 140 members. Its purposes are as follows:

  • Development of a European Network between young people, social and youth workers, teachers, educators, academics and students concerning Outdoor Adventure Education and Experiential Learning
  • Realisation of projects, especially youth projects, in the field of Outdoor Adventure Education and Experiential Learning
  • Organisation of European Conferences
  • Distribution of Information
  • Research on the theory of Outdoor Adventure Education to promote the quality of practice
  • Implementation of research projects and best practices
  • Development of professional standards

The website of the Institute is at http://www.eoe-network.eu/home/